Newsletter 1

Dear reader,

These are turbulent times.

We have now been on the road for 4 months to make something of our company. It will come as no surprise that this is going to be difficult in times of crisis. You see sales drop considerably. However, we are very happy with the improvements we have been able to make in our workshop. We now have a beautiful large ceramic oven, and we also have a real professional turntable. Gradually you will find out what works and what doesn't. You slide back and forth with cupboards, try to install systems to be able to work more efficiently.
However, we are lucky with this crisis in the sense that without a busy study program it offers time to experiment more and try new things. Many new glazes and types of clay. This is a very fun and surprising process in which we also want to involve you as a customer and knowledge.


For example, we are increasingly experimenting with self-formulated glaze recipes. We often build on existing recipes to create something unique.
One of those glazes that we are very enthusiastic about is a so-called crater glaze. By adding certain substances to this, the glaze 'rises' during the firing, as it were, resulting in a mass of bubbles and craters. Because this is unfortunately not a food-safe glaze, we will mainly apply this to decorative products such as plant pots and vases. This glaze really does especially well on black ceramics! You can certainly expect more products with this glaze in our webshop in the coming weeks!

Here you can see the glaze in a small vase.


We are also very busy creating a line of tea and coffee cups. We are working on the turntable with a new type of porcelain that we have recently discovered. We glaze this blue, which we later polish away to achieve a nice polished effect.
Finally, we are happy to inform you that we have radically expanded the range in our webshop. It took some time to photograph everything and provide it with a description, but the time has finally come.
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Thanks for reading, and see you soon!
Ben & Rowan.