Our techniques - Turning

To spin


The typical potter look! Behind the turntable, hands under the clay, basically everything under the clay ... Especially the first few times you do it you may have a bucket and a mop ready. But a lot of fun and satisfying to do!

The first thing we hear when we tell someone that we are potters and work with a turntable is, "Oh like in that one movie, Ghost" Uhm, yes, but no. Although we work a lot together, that's not how it goes here. But we do a lot of work on the turntable.

The second thing we hear is whether it is difficult or not. It sure is in the beginning, but the trick is centered. By working the clay up and down and pushing towards the middle, you get the clay centering well. In the beginning this is still quite difficult and pieces of clay still want to fly through the room. But once you've mastered this, the fun part can begin.

Endless shapes and possibilities, well round, of course, but high, low, wide, thin, everything is possible. Experimenting is one of the aspects of pottery that we like the most. Looking up a challenge and seeing that it delivers is great. How high can you get the vase? How many pounds of clay do you get properly centered? Hey, this shape is also possible!

Every time we turn, we run towards each other again to show what we have made. And if it fails once and work flies through the room, it is fortunately easy to recycle and we try again the next day.

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