Our techniques - hand shapes

Hand shapes


Hand molding is, as the name suggests, the clay forms by hand. We do this by first rolling the clay into slices. Then we cut out the shapes we want. And we stick them together.

Let's take a cup as an example. After rolling out, we cut a circle out of the slab of clay. This will be the bottom of the cup. And we also cut an elongated rectangle. The width determines the height of the cup and the length, the diameter.

Now let us dry the clay a little first. Not so dry that it can no longer be processed, but so dry that it does not deform immediately with light touch. The so-called, leather-hard.

Then we bend the rectangular slab of clay into a cylinder. We make this so that it fits exactly on the circle. With sludge, a paste of water and clay, we stick the circle to the cylinder. And tada! you have a cup. Obviously just finishing, dot the i's. And add an ear if desired.

This technique sounds very simple, but there is still quite a bit of practice in getting a nice symmetrical result. But as with all aspects of ceramics, practice makes perfect and the challenge lies in the best results.

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