Our techniques - Kurinuki



This technique is very simple and very soothing to do. If you have a package of clay yourself, I can definitely recommend it.

What you do is you take a ball of clay and shape it into the basic shape you want. For example a thin high cylinder for a cup, or a wide low cylinder for a bowl. Then you hollow out the mold by scraping away the clay.

The nice thing about Kurinuki is that it gives rough and organic shapes. The opposite of the perfectly streamlined turning technique. You can hardly go wrong with it. You can also scrape beautiful patterns on the outside of your work.

What we like to do ourselves is to start with a big ball. Then we make something of it and from the remains we form a ball again and we use the Kurinuki technique again. In this way you can create a series in which each work originates from the other.

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